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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Assam Administrative Staff College

Facilities and Infrastructure

Computer Centres

The Computer Centre of the Staff College was started in the year 1990. All the  necessary Computer and related equipments are  available in the Centre. Following are the list of IT equipments available in Assam Administrative Staff College. There are two computer lab with 60 computer each with internet connectivity and LCD Projector.


S. N.TypeQuantity
1P-IV HCL Infinity GL Server1
2HCL Xeon Server1
3P-IV Laptop9
4P-IV PC178


S. N.PrintersQuantity
1Colour LaserJet1
2HP OfficeJet1
3HP LaserJet A423
4A3 Laser Printer4
5Network Printer2

Other Equipment

S. N.TypeQuantity
1Multiple CD Writer1