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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Assam Administrative Staff College

Conference Rooms

  • The Assam Administrative Staff College has been functioning in the present administrative building since 1991-92. The building has a total plinth area of 17,667 sq. meters in its ground, first, second and third floor taken together.

    The training and confeence facilities are listed below:

    S. N.FloorRoom no.Seating CapacityInfrastructure
    1Third floor30127 (+ 6 chairs extra)Round table, 2 LED TVs, one Panasonic and other Samsung, Wifi, one camera for video conferencing
    2Third floor30232 (Sofa)Drawing room type,  eight 3-seater sofa, four 2-seater sofa, centre table (big)- 4, table (small) - 11, wifi, two LED TVs (Samsung) with Tata Sky DTH, one remote 
    3Third floorGlass door lounge outside 301-30213 (Sofa)Six 2-seater sofa, one single-sofa, centre table-1
    4Third floor30389 (3 chairs in dais)Class room type, two multimedia projectors, white board-1, black board-1, one wifi modem. microphone-52 (4 in dais)
    5Third floor(Smokers’ room) Glass door lobby behind 3035Two 2-seater sofas, one single sofa
    6Third floor30511Drawing room type, 6-single seat sofa, one 3-seater sofa, one centre table, one small table
    7Third floor3061810 seat dining table+ 8 chairs extra, wifi modem-1, smoke detector-1, microven-1 refrigerator -1, induction stove, Kent RO water purifier
    8Third floor308170 (including 71 extra chairs)Fixed oval shaped, 171 microphones, multimedia projectors-4, audio speakers-4
    9Third floor309150 (including 27 extra chairs)140 microphones + 8 microphone in dais + 
    1 speaker microphone, audio speakers- 4, multimedia projectors -3, wifi modem-3
    10Third floorGlass door lobby outside 30917Eight 2-seater sofa, one single sofa, big table-2, small table -1
    11Third floor3106LED TV-2, HD DVR-2, ACs-2
    12Third floor311102 PCs, 2 printers, office semi-cabin type
    13Second floor20317Rectangular table with chairs, LED TV Samsung, Sony video projector-1 (for video conference), wifi
    14Second floor2053822 microphones, 1-multimedia projector, 1 white board
    15Second floor20716Eight 2-seater sofa, LED TV-1(LG), Tata Sky DTH
    16Second floor21060Class room type, projector-1, audio speaker-2
    17Second floor2114434-microphones, multimedia projector-1, whiteboard
    18Second floor212 (Computer room)60Wifi modem-1, multimedia projector-1, 60 computers
    19Second floor213 (Computer room)60Wifi modem-1, multimedia projector-1, 60 computers
    20Second floor2148LED TV(Samsung), AC-1
    21Second floor2158LED TV(Samsung), AC-1
    22Ground floorTraining Hall71Class room type, projector-2, wifi, microphone-4(dais) whiteboard-1
    23Ground floorCentre room20ACs-4, Photocopy machine-2, tables-10, chair-20, PCs-3, multi CDs writer-1, one TMI server
    24Ground floorOfficers’ waiting room   20Five 2-seater sofa, AC-1
    25Ground floorOffice2520-PCs, photocopy machine -1, printer-4 (2 network printers), 25 chairs, steel locker-1, wall clock 3,  steel almirah-3, glass-steel almirah-1