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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Assam Administrative Staff College

Good Governance through capacity building in NE States

Most of the cutting edge level officials and functionaries of district administration do not get any training in their service life necessary in the performance of their jobs affecting the public service delivery and project implementation. In order to tap their potential utmost and to enhance service delivery, the Assam Administrative Staff College is implementing a project “sensitization of cutting edge functionaries for Good Governance and Office Management” sponsored by the Ministry DONER Government of India with the active participation of Six North Eastern States –Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland. Thisis an example of the many colloborative projects done by AASC.

Aims of the Project

To impart necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes relevant to the personnel of District Administration as per job profiles  comprehensively for good governance and better service delivery; as per National Training Policy of Training for All.


  • Skilled and knowledgeable government functionaries
  • Sense of ownership to organization and work with enhanced morale
  • Sensitized to the needs of citizen
  • Computer operating skills and knowledge of ICT potential among functionaries
  • Improved Service Delivery
  • Improved management of internal processes
  • Strengthened governance capabilities among functionaries
  • A culture of regular training in District Administration

Project components

  • Manpower survey of Districts, analysis and processing
  • Grouping- District wise, category wise and job profile wise
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Module Development and Training Schedule
  • Trainers selection and Training of Trainers
  • Venue and Teaching & Learning Equipment
  • Decentralized Training at 6 Districts of NE Region
  • Time Line
  • Cost estimate
  • Fund utilization and Accounting
  • Monitoring
  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Sustainability
  • Evaluation


Implementation of project started with the manpower assessment of various functionaries of District Administration in selected districts of NE States. Considering the resource availability and planning- training needs of Grade IV was undertaken in a number of district establishments and developed a training module and the same was approved by the consultative meeting of NE state Administrative Training Institutes and Project District representatives. To make the Grade IV training effective, Assam Administrative Staff College conducted Training Needs Analysis (TNA) by interacting with grade IV staff, office superintendents and their superiors; and developed modules based on the identified needs.

Strategy adopted for training is decentralization of training at District level and institutionalization of District Training Centers (DTC) in project districts. Under the strategy Assam Administrative Staff College imparted training for 143 trainers for 5 days from all project districts to further impart training to District Grade IV employees. The respective State ATI are responsible for customizing the training module as per state rules and make available required reading material in local language to all the trainees. Infrastructure support @ 1.5 lakhs per District training Centre is proposed in the project. All the project districts are expected to operationalise 3 such centres in each during the period.

The Grade IV Training has already been started in project districts of five states viz., Assam (since 14/11/2006), Arunachal Pradesh (since 4/12/06), Manipur (since 29/11/06), Meghalaya (since 4/12/06) and Mizoram (since 4/12/06); while Nagaland planned from 18th December 2006. Trainings of Grade III, II and I are planned in next and subsequent years.   The duration of Grade IV training is 3 days.              

As on   8th December 2006, 746 number of Grade IV employees are imparted training and the feedback is very positive. It is expected that by March 2007 all project districts are expected to complete the training of 7810 numbers of Grade IV employees.