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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training Assam Administrative Staff College

State Training Policy

The aim of the state government is to take governance to the doorsteps of the people. Therefore, the right blend of knowledge, skills and motivation in the civil-services is of paramount importance. The fact however remains that most of the cutting edge and supervisory level personnel of the government have not been imparted training during their service life. Training interventions which are organized for middle management are not always based on a systematic approach to training. Even today training activities are supply driven instead of being demand driven. The present training infrastructure and the institutional training capacity is inadequate to meet the increasing demands of the times. In order to utilize the vast manpower with the government of Assam productively, an appropriate policy for upgrading knowledge, skills and attitude is the need of the hour. Training is needed to be used as an effective and tested tool for managing change, enhancing performance and bringing about good governance. The infusion of sustained and systematic training interventions for the civil services will enable the government to successfully move towards a competency-based approach which, in turn, will pave the way for a more efficient and effective civil-service. The policy envisages the ultimate objective of achieving “Training for All’’ whereby training will be imparted to all categories of civil servants.

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